Collection: Tiger eye

Tiger's eye combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to awaken a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded and draws the spiritual energies to the earth. It stimulates the base chakra and the solar plexus and helps you to act effectively according to the needs and problems you have. It helps you to stay calm, centered and grounded in all situations. It is a stone of mental clarity. Tiger's eye is helpful in studying, it activates and stimulates the intellect. As a stone of balance, it also helps you to grasp contradictory ideas without judgment and to see both sides of a conflict. He helps you leave behind dualities, the world of 'right' and 'wrong', 'light' and 'dark', that these all come from the one Source. He helps you to make choices based on insights and not judgements. It strengthens psychic abilities and creates balance in the lower chakras. Tiger's eye energizes the body, gives strength when tired, is a protective stone and helps you to achieve goals. Also good for people who feel unworldly and for those who tend to go to extremes. He helps you to find balance in your life again. The stone is helpful in recognizing your needs as well as those of others. It shows you what you really need. Mentally, tiger eye integrates the cerebral hemispheres and improves practical perception. The stone is very useful in mental illness and personality disorders. He gives self-esteem and helps with blocked creativity. Good for the eyes, throat and genitals.