Collection: rose quartz

Rose quartz is very good for the heart and heart chakra and teaches you the true essence of love. He purifies and opens the heart on all levels and provides inner healing and self-love. It calms, reassures and helps with traumas. It helps you attract love, place it by your bed or in the relationship corner of your house (when you enter the front door, right at the back). In existing relationships, rose quartz will restore trust and harmony. He replaces negative energy with loving vibrations. Rose quartz enhances empathy and sensitivity and helps to accept necessary changes. This stone promotes receptivity to all types of beauty. Emotionally, it releases suppressed emotions and sorrow, changes conditionings that no longer serve any purpose, soothes pain and replenishes loss. If you have never received love, rose quartz opens your heart so that you become more receptive. In an unrequited love, he comforts your sorrow. He teaches you to love yourself and encourages you to forgive and accept yourself. He gives a sense of self worth.