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Pyrite makes assertive and helps you overcome fear and get out of bad relationships. Pyrite is a stone of manifestation that helps you overcome fears, take action and bring abundance into your life. Pyrite helps create an energy shield that blocks negative energy and pollutants on all levels. It also helps prevent energy from leaking out of your aura and physical body. He makes positive and helps to manifest dreams on earth. Supporting stone for people with an inferiority complex. He helps to get to the root of karmic and psychosomatic disorders. Pyrite helps to integrate higher frequencies and knowledge into the physical body, so very good to use together with crystals that have a high vibration. The stone resonates with both the element of earth and fire and allows you to connect with the energy of the earth and let it flow through your body. The frequency of Pyrite stimulates creative energy and helps to have a healthy sexuality. Gives strength to overcome worries and bad habits. This stone is good for endurance and helps to improve physical performance. Energetically Pyrite supports the blood and the oxygen transport in it. Good for fatigue, memory, digestive tract, lungs, asthma and bronchitis. Also good for the male genitals.

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