Collection: Moss agate

Moss agate helps you with sensitivity to the weather and environmental pollution. This stone is very good for all people who work with plants and crops. It is a stone for new beginnings and helps to remove blockages. In the event of a divorce, death or intense grief, the moss agate gives a helping hand, it also helps you say goodbye to the past and gives peace to body and mind. Moss agate is a stone of wealth and attracts abundance. He also helps people who are very in their heads to get to their feelings. The stone helps to deal with other people and to give them space to grow. Mentally, he promotes self-expression and communication. This optimistic stone is very helpful for people who are depressed because of their living conditions or because of an imbalance in the brain, it gives insight into the underlying causes. Moss agate is good for discomfort in the nose and throat cavities, it also ensures better dissolution of mucus, relaxes the stomach, intestines and bladder. Also good for the sexual organs and makes them active at the same time. The stone counteracts inflammation, cleanses the circulatory system and strengthens the immune system.

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