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Placed on the third eye, Magnesite enhances visualization and imagination. This stone opens the heart chakra and stimulates deep love, including love for yourself, because only then can you love others. Magnesite teaches you unconditional love when relationships with others are difficult because of their behavior or addictions. It helps you to feel peaceful and centered and to allow the other person to be more fully who they are without wanting to change them. He opens your inner knowing and teaches you to be proud of yourself. Magnesite gives inspiration and makes you enterprising, it also makes you happy. The stone is good for gloomy and jealous people or people who want to shout over everything and cannot or dare not get to their feelings. He learns to let go of fears and gives resignation and confidence. On a psychic level, magnesite reveals all forms of self-deception, helps to recognize unconscious thoughts and feelings and to understand the reasons behind them. Magnesite provides a positive attitude to life. The brain-like form of magnesite has a powerful effect on the mind, harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres and stimulating ideas and their application. Magnesite has a calming effect and promotes tolerance. He supports people who are nervous and afraid. Magnesite detoxifies and neutralizes body odor, relieves cramps, relaxes muscles and is good for menstrual cramps and the pain of gallstones and kidney stones. Good for the bones, teeth and relieves headaches, especially migraines. It helps prevent epilepsy and is good for the bladder, cystitis and if you retain too much fluid.

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