Collection: Aventurine

Aventurine comes in many colors, when people talk about Aventurine they often talk about Green Aventurine. However, the effect differs per color of the stone. Aventurine generally ensures that you go through life more cheerful and happier. The stone gives you self-confidence, and in new situations Aventurine can provide extra confidence. Aventurine helps you through the ups and downs of life. The stone ensures that you set goals and can manifest them. Aventurine has the same healing properties as rock crystal. Green Aventurine mainly works on the heart chakra, but the spleen chakra and solar plexus chakra can also quickly experience the powers of Aventurine. Aventurine ensures that you take the lead faster, and willpower and decisiveness will increase through the stone. The stone is often used as a lucky stone and attracts prosperity. Aventurine can help with a broken heart, sadness, aggression or fear. Physically, the stone mainly works on skin, hair, bones and nails. Muscles and tendons are also positively influenced by Aventurine. Aventurine works on the heart and circulatory system, and prevents bruises and couperosis. By optimizing blood circulation, you will experience less cold hands and feet with Aventurine. The stone ensures a better night's sleep, and can ensure that you eat less before going to sleep. Digestion and fat digestion are also stimulated by Aventurine, which makes it a good stone to use for weight loss.