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Maily’s Kitchen is a specialty food producer with Indonesian roots nesting in Antwerp, Belgium.
It began in 2018 when Maryna, the founder of Maily’s Kitchen, launched the "Eating the Rainbow" dining experience from the back of her house
with a focus on simple, healthy yet colorful and tasty food. She incorporates her childhood memories of Indonesia, a time that was packed with natural, tropical rainbow fruit and vegetables, into the cooking style that it is today. With the intention of bringing hearty fusion meals to your home,
in 2019 Maily's Kitchen set its own specialty food production featuring a wide range of authentic family-recipe sauces and toppings.
A year later the delicious take-away menu was born.


“I enjoy presenting vibrant Indonesian fusion dishes to Europe! I draw my inspiration from nature, people, travel and multiple cuisines.
However the real secret traces back to both my father, who has influenced me with Chinese flavors, and my mother,
who has shared the legacy of Indonesian cuisine.”


It's not about the age nor the physical appearances. It's about the people who stand behind the ideas and work together, hand in hand, to bring these very ideas to life. Supported with years of experience in food and hospitality the team relentlessly strives for constant improvement.


Enjoy the perfect dining experience in a good company discovering new flavors
Bring Indonesian cuisine into your home with delicious take-away menu
Together with Maily’s Kitchen

Coffee 1831 Signature Arabica
€17.00 Add to basket
Coffee Kopi Luwak
€15.00 Add to basket
Vanilla bean
€10.00 Add to basket
Vanilla Pasta 25ml
€4.50 Add to basket
Vanilla Pasta 100ml
€8.00 Add to basket
Vanilla Extract 25ml
€3.50 Add to basket
Sumato Spicy
€6.50 Add to basket
Sumato Orignial
€6.50 Add to basket
Rendang Original
€10.00 Add to basket
Coconut Srikaya creme
€7.50 Add to basket
Coconut flakes
€4.50 Add to basket

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