Collection: Onyx

Onyx gives strength and offers support in difficult circumstances and in times of great stress. It makes it easier for you to center and align your energy with a higher power and to connect with the whole. This stone teaches you to take your destiny into your own hands. This crystal gives strength, steadfastness and perseverance, gives self-confidence and contributes to feeling comfortable in your environment. It calms your head and gives structure and direction. People who are very self-absorbed and hot-tempered will become more accessible with the onyx. Communication is smoother because emotional expression becomes easier. For a black stone, this onyx is a very soft and sweet stone. He will teach you to accept situations as they are and broaden your horizons. If you hold a piece of onyx, it directs your attention to the site of a past injury or trauma from a past life that affects you in this life. He recognizes and integrates contradictions within yourself and heals old sorrows.

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