Collection: Obsidian

This is actually molten lava, which has cooled so quickly that it has not been able to crystallize. It is a stone without limits or limitations and therefore works quickly and powerfully, it provides access to the core of a problem and also removes energies that are released. The truthful, reflective qualities expose defects, weaknesses and blocks. You can make a journey into the depths with the stone, to unexpected light. Light is thought to be found in the heavens, but for most people, going within and healing inner wounds is a journey into the true light. It is a stone of perspective, persistence and staying upright in difficult situations. Obsidian takes you to a higher level and allows you to better balance the earthly and paranormal influences. This stone stimulates your development, but can bring unpleasant truths to light, break through and process old emotions. Obsidian offers profound healing to the soul and facilitates the return to past lives to heal painful emotions or traumas from the past. This powerful stone forms a shield against negativism. This is very grounding, absorbs negative energies and gives strength in times of need. Obsidian protects your aura and wards off psychic attacks. If you find it too powerful, use Rainbow Obsidian, or Apache Tear, which are milder. Spiritually, Obsidian enhances soul purpose. This helps to remove energy blocks, relieve tension and anchor the mind in the body. This stone promotes growth on all levels. By revealing the cause, obsidian can clear the mind and help clear confusion and troublesome beliefs. This one confronts you with your shadow side. Obsidian's greatest gift is being able to provide insight into the cause of a disease or problem. Physically, Obsidian supports trauma to tissues, relieves tension and stress. May provide relief from arthritis and joint pain.

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