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Larvikite stimulates psychic abilities and facilitates visionary experiments. The stone helps you see behind situations. Also very helpful in past life regression therapy. The stone has a powerful connection with Mother Earth that keeps your soul and body in harmony during visionary work or during contact with incarnated beings. This stone breaks curses and repels negative energy. In ancient times, large Larvikite boulders were placed in the north of England to ward off invaders. The stone is still used for this purpose today, removing attachments and entities from your body's biomagnetic mantle. Larvikite is perfect for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature in all its forms, because this stone is connected to the water and earth elementals. It has a powerful connection to the element of water, especially rain and storms. During weather magic, the stone can invoke rain or dry areas that have been flooded. Through the connection with the water element, Larvikite helps you to be flexible in life and to overcome problems. The stone supports emotional healing as it helps you find the cause of an illness. This special stone helps you get the best out of yourself, stand in your full power and live your full potential. Carry the stone in your pocket to learn to see the desires of yourself and others. Larvikite helps you during learning processes or when you work with magic, it helps your mind process and absorb new information and creates a new neutral pathway in your brain. Larvikite vitalizes the physical body, you feel youthful again. Energetically detoxifies tissue, cells and lymph and lowers blood pressure. It calms and stabilizes the nervous system.

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