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This unique, loving stone is only found in one place and that is in the Southwest of the Dominican Republic. This unique blue stone was first found by a priest/geologist in 1916, only in 1979 was it officially recognized as a gemstone. These have long been known among the indigenous people. Larimar contains a high vibration of purity and love that works powerfully on your heart and the higher chakras. This loving stone helps you connect with your higher parts and helps to ground it in your body, helps you come home to yourself and thus feel at home on earth. Larimar is strongly connected to the peace of the soft blue ray, but also to Atlantis. In the time of Atlantis people still lived in complete harmony, in a high vibration from the heart, in perfect harmony without any conflict. This energy helps to bring Larimar back to Earth. In this way, this stone supports us humans and the earth to raise in vibration, to help create a loving world. Reminiscent of a tropical, blue sea, this stone is connected to the element of water and the energy of Dolphins. The dolphin energy makes a person playful again and gives him joyful, childlike energy. The stone is also connected to the element of light, which stands for thoughts and the Spirit, which also helps us to put things into perspective.

Larimar helps to bring the energy of harmony and higher aspects of being into the chakras, so that you can start living from your higher aspect of being, to become more the Angel that we really are. This stone restores the divine connection between thinking and feeling, so that negative feelings, inner conflicts and cloudiness in your mind are resolved and clarified. This helps you better remember your own Angelic self and is therefore also very suitable for new age children.

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