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Dumortierite is an excellent stone for regression work. Dumortierite takes you to the beginning of the soul's journey to view agreements and agreements from times gone by, allowing adjustment and removal of things that are no longer useful. It helps to break old, no longer useful bonds and promotes the revocation of promises. He shows you your archetypal spiritual self, reconnects you with your inherent wisdom. It rearranges patterns of underlying addictions and compulsions, enabling reprogramming of cellular memory. Dumortierite is good for self-confidence, it helps you to be assertive and to adapt to the current reality. It promotes patience and courage, dampens hypersensitivity, stimulates detachment and gradually guarantees positive self-love and joie de vivre. Good for concentration and organizational skills. With this stone your heart stays young. Dumortierite helps to stabilize a shaky relationship and also to attract a soulmate. Good stone for people who deal with crises and traumas on a daily basis. The stone calms, focuses on burden relief and helps you take your life into your own hands when you are chaotic and disorganized. Said to be suitable for the development of language skills to communicate in other cultures.

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