Meet the talent!

Atelier Silk Road is a small artisanal workshop located in Antwerp, Belgium run by craftsman, who made a long and adventurous journey from his motherland stretched along the generous Fergana valley in Central Asia. 

The cornerstone of atelier Silk Road metier, that crowns every single item created, is authentic native silk manufactured in parochial areas of Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Traditional weaving involves ethnical passionate creativity lead by local folklore and ancient myths.

Manual processing and natural dyes make every piece of this signature silk out-and-outer. Every pattern represents a story of life, vivid emotions, hopes and aspirations, great and pure love. Immerse yourself into the inner sanctum of the legend behind this unique silk image. They say that once the mighty ruler of Margilan fell in love with a village girl and wanted to take her to his harem. 

But the girl’s fiancé, a simple weaver, begged not to destroy their happiness. The ruler set a condition: by morning, the weaver had to create something that would make the ruler forget about the beauty of his bride. In despair, the weaver sat on the bank of watercourse. Suddenly he saw in the water the reflection of clouds, painted in all colors of the rainbow. All night he worked at the loom and by the morning he had created an extraordinary fabric. 

Weightless as a cloud, cool as mountain air and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow. “How did you manage this?” asked overwhelmed ruler the weaver. “I took the green of the foliage washed by the rain, added the color of tulip petals, the blush of the dawn, the blue of the night sky, the glare of the sun on the rapidly flowing water… the radiance of my beloved’s eyes” The ruler let the lovers go in peace. Since then, the unusual fabric was called “Khan atlas” – royal silk. 

This type of fabric is known all over the world as “ikat” and it is the most unique among many of Uzbek natural silk kinds. Nowadays the idea stepped forward, embracing organic cotton for the same purpose of manufacturing native patterns on fabric, previously reserved for the silk weaving only. 

Recently Atelier Silk Road has enlarged the range of craft fabrics featuring vintage hand-dyed Italian cotton as a step towards upcycling concept. Materials in that series date back to 1970’s and pay tribute to textile prints diversity of European weaving Golden age, unfolding the thousand-year history of legendary Silk Road through authentic regional fabrics and folklore. Touch the thousand-year history of Asian silk craftsmanship. Experience this unique and tender feeling of flowing silk on the tips of your fingers. Together with Atelier Silk Road. @atelier.silkroad